Health care

Health care

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) pays for many of the health care services you’ll need. When you arrive in the province, it’s important to register for OHIP. You can visit a ServiceOntario location or visit the Government of Ontario health care website.

The Town of Hawkesbury is home to a number of health care and related services:

Some services and medications are not covered by OHIP, such as dentistry and osteopathy. If these are not covered by your employer’s insurance, you can purchase private insurance or pay for these expenses out of pocket.

The Ontario health professionals registry provides links to registered health care professionals in every field. Some of these websites offer search filters to find services in French.

Finding a general practitioner (also known as a family doctor) can be a lengthy process. However, you can always put yourself on a waiting list. While waiting to be assigned a family doctor, you can go to a local walk-in clinic for medical consultations, prescription drug refills or other issues.

Emergency services

In the event of an accident or serious medical condition, go directly to the nearest hospital emergency room. If you are unable to get there on your own, call 9-1-1 immediately.

Ambulance transportation is not free. An invoice for this service will be sent to you afterwards. Some private insurance companies will reimburse this fee.

If you are hospitalized, OHIP covers the cost of a hospital stay for permanent residents.

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